Delivering the impossible

Fusion Americas

Fusion Americas is pinpoint focused on Microservices Architecture, Cloud Integration and Digital transformation.

Spanning the western hemisphere, Fusion Americas is an Americas based professional services firm delivering top software and systems integration.

From Canada to Chile our teams are located in the American major cities, successfully delivering to our clients.


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Delivering the impossible

Fusion Americas Paradigm

Utilizing a mature internal SDLC Fusion Americas delivers outstanding P/V (Price to Value) for its clients.

Methods and Process

  • Senior staff of solution architects, technical architects, development and project execution leadership
  • Maturity level-5 SDLC from requirements, solutioning, detailed design, development, automated quality assurance to innovative release methods. Fusion Americas delivers seamless delivery at an outstanding value
  • Scaled Agile expertise
  • Common time zones


  • Enterprise and Micro-Services integration
  • Cloud integration an performance
  • Front end and user experience development
  • Managed Services


  • Senior Architects, skilled Developers, Program and Project managers
  • High compliance to software vendor certifications.

Price to Value (P/V)

With a western hemisphere unified team approach, we are delivering a very competitive and effective delivery model that delivers at a competitive price

Deploying only experienced project team members while utilizing trans-national cost-balancing we are delivering an outstanding value to our clients. 





Delivering the Impossible

Services Overview

Fusion Americas’ team delivers outstanding software systems and integration results while simultaneously potentially infusing rigor into our clients SDLC process.

Enterprise, micro-services and cloud integration
Cloud performance
Front end and user experience development
Automated Testing
SDLC improvement
Managed Services

Enterprise Integration, Microservices and Cloud Integration

The enterprise integrations experts. We understand the paradigm shift to a micro-services architecture resulting in accuracy and velocity from requirements to successful release.

Enterprise Integration, Microservices and cloud integration

Effective delivery of API-Centric solutions requires more than proficiency with the tools.

Success Criteria:

  • Architecture with scalability, reusability and security.
  • The ability to leverage project process in the integration environment whether Agile, waterfall or hybrid.
  • API development expertise.

Often large organizations have a mixed integration strategy utilizing different architectural designs fitting the requirements and ROI demand. Our experts deliver:


  • Microservices and modern API Architecture
  • Asynchronous messaging
  • Traditional integration
Microservices and APIs

We have extensive experienced and success with the industry leaders among others:

  • MuleSoft
  • Dell Boomi
  • Apogee
  • Jitterbug
    Asynchronous Messaging
    • RabbitMQ
    • ActiveMQ

    Cloud Performance

    Fusion Americas has deployed the majority of its client’s solutions with some element of cloud architecture. Performance, security and a solid understanding of the relative value of the imbedded integration tools in the major platforms has been essential to our success.

    Cloud Proficiencies
    • AWS
    • Azure
    • Cloud Foundry
    • com platform
    • Migrations, performance, integration and security]

      SDLC Improvement

      In all of client engagements Fusion Americas integrates into our client’s SDLC and often infuse new methods into their process if appropriate.  Processes and artifacts for requirements, solutioning , detailed design, development, testing and release are what we bring to the table.

      Process Improvement Types

      Fusion America offers process improvement engagements:

      • Transformation and optimization of Agile Methodology
      • Automation of Testing and Quality Assurance
      • “Canary Launch” release process
      • Providing Scrum Masters and Program Managers to infuse processes

      Automated Testing

      Automation of Testing and Quality Assurance offered as in a supplemental or entirely outsourced model

      Front-End and User Experience Development

      World Class Front-End Devlopment

      Managed Services

      We provide Managed Service offerings to supplement your in house operations or provide you with a Fully-Managed Solution

      Managed Service Offerings
      • Fully Outsourced Development
      • Monitoring and Management
      • Hosted Integration
      • Outsourced Governance model for the enablement of Integration Architecture, Development, and Management

      Our Technologies

      Quick and Painless

      How It Works

      Our Team analyzes your needs and provides the best level of onshore and nearshore to fit your budget.

      API & Microservices Domain expertise
      SLDC Process Improvement
      Managed Services

      A Message From our Leaders

      Leadership Vision

      “Digital transformation requires a firm grip on microservices integration techniques and design, a thorough method to manage evolving requirements, user experience, rigorous QA and disciplined sprint management. The move to a micro-services based architecture was not just new tools but a paradigm shift in architecture and execution.”  

      David deBoisblanc

      CEO, Fusions Americas

      Fusion Americas has was We designed our firm to deliver this transformation with coordinated disciplines and to enable our clients to deliver and maintain those systems going forward.

      “Digital transformation requires new understanding in governance, patterns, testing, error handling, data model and security”

      Tyler Eastridge

      COO, Fusions Americas

      Fusion Americas has several frameworks and repeatable consulting approaches that enable our clients to achieve an effective digital transformation strategy and execution.

      “User experience must achieve effective interaction with users, utilizing a sensitivity to different cultural based approaches. Word for word translation into other languages is not enough but cultural specific experience design for each participant group to optimize user adaption and experience is the goal.”

      Cristina Rodriguez

      VP, Marketing, Fusions Americas

      Fusion Americas is built with a range of user experience experts familiar with different nationalities and cultural affinity groups.

      “A global delivery can ensure top talent from a larger pool and can deliver superior price to value. However, rigid standards on talent and unified project approach is a must”

      Tyler Eastridge

      COO, Fusions Americas

      Fusion Americas utilizes the best talent in each of its categories. Furthermore, we have developed rigorous controls and processes to keep remote and diverse teams coordinated and effective.

      “A specialized consulting firm is built on its collection of top talent and on its repeatable practices and its ever-expanding intellectual property”

      Cristina Rodriguez

      VP, Marketing, Fusions Americas

      Fusion Americas is focuses on collecting the best talent in the micro-services. Then enabling them with our practice governance, IP and approach frameworks.

      Our Enterprise Architects, Digital transformation and integration Architects and API Senior developers are the best in the industry. Then they are equipped with repeatable patterns and practices

      “If someone is a top micro-services architect or developer, we want VIC to be the place where they be on the team of the best and be proud of delivering effective and innovative solutions for our clients.”

      Tyler Eastridge

      COO, Fusions Americas

      “We serve Fortune 50 clients as well as midsized firms and we won’t stop until we to deliver effective results to each of our clients”

      David deBoisblanc

      CEO, Fusions Americas


      Meet Our Team

      Our leadership has years of experience building IT services organizations and serving our Clients. 

      David deBoisblanc


      Tyler Eastridge

      SVP Client Operations, Sales

      Cristina Rodriguez 

      VP, Marketing

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